Businesses Donate Food, Construction Equipment to Help After Building Collapse

Sioux Falls Fire Chief: "Community Support Does Not Go Unnoticed"

As the work on the collapsed downtown building continues into the night, bystanders and business owners are doing all they can do help crews working around the clock.

“Wishing I could go help clear some of that rubble but obviously I don’t have a hard hat, I don’t have proper foot wear as far as steel toed boots and such,” said David Edwards, who spent his evening passing out pizza to first responders on scene. “I figured if there’s a way I can help, then I’ll help.”

By passing out pizza, water, snacks and soda, a number of people pulled together to offer any assistance they could to those working and those affected by the tragedy.

“A mother lost a son tonight, and there’s a family grieving, they’re mourning. And so we’re here to support them and support the people who are helping them,” said Chef Jamie.

The Chef helped organize a food donation center inside Vishnu Bunny Tattoo on Phillips Avenue, where restaurants donated food, and people donated their time to help organize and dispense.

“On days like this, you take off your business hat, and you just help people,” he said.

Henry Carlson Construction Company also pitched in, donating heavy equipment from their project down the street at Washington Square to help stabilize the building and clear rubble.

Fire Chief Jim Sideras says to the crews on the receiving end, the acts are not going unnoticed.

“This is very stressful for our firefighters because we do have people out here working around the clock so when do have people offer like we do out here, pizza, or even simple things like, hey you can use our bathroom, that just makes things easier for us. It’s one less thing we have to worry about.”

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