Coffea Sets Up Post-It Memorial Wall For Victims of Building Collapse

Coffea Roasterie was one of many businesses that opened their doors Friday, offering coffee and a place for first responders and emergency crews to warm up while working in the rubble across the street.

The shop is now lending their walls for people to pay tribute and memorialize those affected by the building collapse.

Post-its reading “In loving memory of Ethan” and “Thank you all first responders, RIP Ethan,” have been posted inside the glass walls of the building.

Coffea employees decided to set up the space for people to share their thoughts, and offer condolences to the victim’s families.

They say many people, including their own employees, witnessed the building collapse, and the events as they unfolded, and wanted to help offer a way for people to grieve, and remember.

“It’s a really tragic thing, tis a really sobering thing, and just moving forward want to let people know we’re aware of that, and we grieve with them.”

Flowers have also been placed on one of the medal barricades blocking off the intersection of 10th and Phillips at the site of the building collapse.

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