Collapsed Building to be Demolished, PAve Closed for Inspections

After a woman was rescued, and a body pulled from the rubble, crews are now accessing the structure and the area that was the site of a major building collapse Friday in downtown Sioux Falls.

Debris still covers the street in the intersection of 10th and Phillips where what’s now left of the former Stogeez Copper Lounge is a skeletal frame and hollowed out building.

Crews remained on scene throughout the night to help clear out rubble.

This morning, city officials met with property owners and fire crews to access the damage and figure out how to move forward.

PAve will remain closed due to structural concerns.

However, the businesses in the north part of the complex were allowed to re-open today.

Crews say what is left of the collapsed building will be demolished, and traffic may be impacted for some time.

“Monday morning we will have a better idea on that demolition plan, and adjust the traffic as needed. But the public should really be aware that coming into downtown is going to be affected by that and make do and change their plans accordingly,” said Regan Smith.

Emergency Manager Regan Smith says the property owner will be responsible for the demolition plan, which is to be approved by the city.

There has not yet been an official cause to why the building collapsed, but structural engineers are on site to investigate.

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