Family Friend Hopes To Help Fodness’ Rebuild

Co-Worker Sets Up GoFundMe For Emily Fodness' Family After Collapse

David Ohayon was preparing for another day at The Willows restaurant at Willow Run Golf Couse in Sioux Falls on Friday.

He said he got a phone call from his wife, Rebecca.

“She’s like, did you hear what happened? I was like no. She gave me a little bit and I hung up with her and called Mike,” said Ohayon.

His co-worker and friend, Mike Fodness, answered the phone, saying he was okay.

At the time, Mike’s daughter, Emily, was trapped inside the wreckage of a structure collapse in downtown Sioux Falls.

As David watched the events unfold, he said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing was in his home.

“It was probably the most impactful thing I’ve seen since I’ve lived here. I’ve been through quite a few major earthquakes; I grew up in Los Angeles so it was reminiscent of that,” said Ohayon.

After several hours, he and his co-workers saw what they wanted to see.

“As soon as we saw Emily come out, there was a sigh of relief; there were tears, our hearts dropped,” said Ohayon.

Once Emily was rescued, David said he recalled times where Mike and his family came to his help.

“They are very giving, they care a lot. They’re a very loving family. They would do anything for just about anybody,” said Ohayon.

To show the Fodness’ that his family and others care for them, they set up a GoFundMe page.

Ohayon said he hopes they can help get them basic home needs, such as clothing and furniture.

“Anything that would help them be able to move into the next part of his life,” said Ohayon.

He said it was the least he could do to help a friend who went through an emotional rollercoaster in less than a day.

“Getting together to whatever we can for the Fodness’ is what we want to do even though they might not be so willing in their stubbornness to accept but we want them to know that everybody does care about them,” said Ohayon.

He also said after speaking with Mike and the Fodness family, they are in “good spirits” and everyone is doing well.

He said, however, their mindset has shifted to support of the family of the construction worker who lost his life in the collapse on Friday.

A link to the GoFundMe page can be found here.

The GoFundMe page set up for the family of the construction worker can be found here.

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