Man Caught On Camera Stealing A Package From Sioux Falls Home

Police Believe He's Responsible For At Least One Other Theft

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – The true definition of a Grinch has surfaced in Sioux Falls. Police say they believe the same man stole packages from two different homes Thursday afternoon.

“I was actually picking up my daughter from school and I got the notification that there was someone at the door,” said Adam Winter.

Winter installed a surveillance camera on his southwest Sioux Falls home just last week. On Thursday, it captured this video.

“I see the guy here standing at the front door and he looks into the camera if he’s being watched or not,” said Winter.

It appears as if he also looks around to see if there’s anyone watching. Staring at the camera several times, the man still picks up the package at Winter’s front door.

Laughing, Winter said, “He holds the package behind his back as though he’s hiding it, throws it through his window and hops in his vehicle which I’m curious to know why he’d have his window open on a cold day.”

Winter says he can only assume that he’s done this before. It’s probably a safe assumption. Police received a similar report three miles away on Tomar Road the same day. The person was home, but police say by the time she got to the door, the man was leaving.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said, “Both of them, it was a package that was left in the front, and this guy just came up, took it and then left so we believe there’s some type of connection there.”

Police say the descriptions were the same. A white male in his 20’s, with a beard or a goatee, wearing a camouflage jacket.

“We haven’t seen a whole bunch of these although it is something that happens throughout the year. You certainly hate for Christmas presents to disappear before they’re given as gifts,” said Clemens.

Winter says his package was a Black Friday special, something he can replace. Now he’s just hoping to warn others.

“It’s unfortunate some guys here that feels the need to have to lift up packages and I wish the Christmas season was better for him,” said Winter.

Winter says the package was delivered just two hours before the man took off with it.

Police say it’s best to require a signature for a package unless you know you will be home at the time it’s delivered. While it may be inconvenient they say it’s also a good idea to pick it up directly from the shipping location.

The suspect was driving a dark colored SUV. Winter believes it may be a GMC Envoy. If you have any information on the suspect, you’re urged to contact police.

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