Gold Coin Going Towards Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Campaign

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – We are continuing our KDLT Cares series featuring anonymous donors helping out area non-profits and families who could use a little financial help.
Friday afternoon we went to one organization helping keep families warm this winter.

We surprised Major Tom Riggs and gave him a letter which reads:

“This Saturday, the 10th, is your annual match day. We will find a special kettle on Saturday to drop a special coin in.”

The gold coin is valued over $1,000 and with cold temperatures and fresh snow right around the corner, Major Tom is grateful someone in the community is doing this.

“It just emphasizes the fact that Sioux Falls and the surrounding area is a loving, giving community who understands the needs of those less fortunate; and so they dig into their pocket, dig deep into their pocket, cause they want to make sure that there’s not that suffering, so I’m just so excited,” said Major Tom Riggs.

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