Half Baked Reopens After Building Collapse

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Eleven days after the former Copper Lounge collapsed in downtown Sioux Falls another business in an attached building is able to reopen its doors. The employees of Half Baked Sioux Falls were back in the kitchen today, baking their gourmet cupcakes, and brewing their signature coffee.

“Oh my gosh, my favorite is the Scotcharoo, but he’s excited for the Salted Nut Roll, so we’re excited,” says Charity Rothschadl, a Half Baked Sioux Falls customer.

Charity Rothschadl and David Mouw took a mid-morning break from their job at Wells Fargo to support a neighboring business.

“Its one of our favorite stops, so we decided to come by and show our support since they’ve reopened,” says Rothschadl.

For the last eleven days, Half Baked was forced to close after the former Copper Lounge building collapsed just a few doors down.

“The 605 Running Company employee came running out of the building and said, ‘Hey did you hear that or feel that?’ and I said no, and she said the building collapsed, and i was like,’What?'” says Stuart Daniel, co-owner of Half Baked Sioux Falls.

Stuart Daniel and his employees were immediately evacuated from the building.

“We still had cupcakes in the display case,” says Daniel.

For the last eleven days, he’s been trying to figure out how to make ends meet.

“This is our only form of income so when this is shut down we have nothing,” says Daniel.

Other businesses stepped in and offered to help by selling Half Baked gift cards at their stores. Now, after nearly a week and a half, Daniel is back in business.

“I made an espresso drink for the first time in eleven days this morning, and I was really happy, and it’s like, ‘Well I’m back to what I do. I make coffee, and I make cupcakes. It’s a good thing to be back,'” says Daniel.

But making up for nearly a half a month of no sales, yet still paying wages, is no sweet or simple task.
So the community support is the icing on the cake.

“You want them to reopen, you want people to support this business, it’s a cold Tuesday morning and not everyone is going to come out and buy cupcakes so I’m going to come out and do my part,” says Jane Naro.

The Pave building remains closed as crews inspect its structural integrity.
Demolition was expected to finish Tuesday evening, and the site should be clear by the end of the week.
OSHA continues to investigate what caused the collapse.

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