Soldier’s Wife To Welcome Home Husband With Big Surprise

Wednesday afternoon, 38 South Dakota Army National Guard soldiers will be coming home after a ten month deployment to Kuwait. The soldiers conducted security and force protection operations at several bases in the country.

One of those 38 soldiers is Sioux Falls firefighter Bob Small, and Small’s wife will welcome him home with a big surprise.

“There was the opportunity to take advantage of doing this this time,” says Charity Small.

Results Personal Training has been Charity Small’s second home for the last eight months.

“I wasn’t doing well health wise, my husband had left for deployment, I was working long hours and then I have three kids on top of it, so there’s just a lot going on,” says Small.

Charity says breaking a sweat in the gym has helped her cope with all the craziness. This is the third time her husband, Bob, has been shipped overseas.

“It’s not easy, but we still have a life here to live,” says Small.

It’s also not easy to flip a tire, but Charity can do that. Since her husband has been away, she has lost 30 pounds and shaved 20 inches off her body.

“I’m kind of an over achiever so I’ll take it, but I’m not going to celebrate, it’s time for new goals,” says Small.

“Almost every session she outperforms the last one so she’s done really well so far, says Tim Feathers.

Trainer Tim Feathers at Results Personal Training says it’s not just physical changes he’s seen in his client.

“You can just tell she’s happier, she has a lot more smiles on her face,” says Feathers.

On Wednesday, her husband will see the results for the first time in person.

“I’m excited to see him, the first time you see him after deployment is kind of unexplainable. You wait nine months to a year for that first hug, that first kiss, so it’s hard to put that into words,” says Small.

“I know they’ve been doing some Skype interviews and you can kind of see the difference in the face, but when he sees her in person it’s going to be that much more impressive,” says Feathers.

Charity says she didn’t lose the weight for her husband”s approval. She wanted to focus on herself now that her three kids are a little older. But she says knowing that her husband is already proud of her is giving her an extra boost in motivation.

“He’s very strong but I’ll try to keep up with him,” says Small.

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