10-Year-Old Honors Sandy Hook Victims

10-Year-Old Shares Her Birthday With The Anniversary Of The Sandy Hook Shootings


Yesterday marked the 4th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. On December 14, 20-12, 20 children and six teachers were killed by a troubled 20-year-old gunman.

Yesterday also marked Alivia Crawford’s 10th birthday. For the past three years Alivia has spent her birthday blowing up balloons and tying the names of those who died onto them. The pink balloons are for the girls, blue for the boys and purple for the teachers. Then Alivia releases them with her family and teachers at Lowell Elementary.

“I felt very sad about what happened and I was also happy that I remember the people that died from Sandy Hook.”

Alivia says she wanted to release the balloons into the sky, so that they can greet those who lost their lives in heaven.

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