SF Church Opens Up Temporary Shelter

Due to the harsh temperatures over the weekend, a church in Sioux

Falls has set up a temporary shelter, opening up their doors to anyone who needs a little warmth.

Dozens of cots, food and winter clothing are available at the Celebrate Community Church’s Meadow building off of South Shirley Avenue.

Everything in this room has been donated.

One volunteer says they got the idea when they heard most of the

shelters in town were already full.

Friday was the first night they opened the temporary shelter.

Since then at least two dozen adults have spent the night.

“Last night we were up kind of late we played board games, we had a lot of fun,” says volunteer Shelley Estenson. “People just shared stories; people can be in their places. One paycheck and you could be in the same place as the majority of these people.”

The church hasn’t decided whether or not they’ll continue the shelter for the rest of the winter.

That decision will be made tomorrow.

But in case they do, they say they’re in need of more winter clothing and warm meals.

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