Veteran Looks To Get Another Back On Their Feet

Army Veteran Sets Up GoFundMe To Start Homeless Veteran Aide Program

David Middlebrooks served with the 173rd Infantry Division out of Italy and the 2nd Infantry Division out of Washington.

He went on two tours to Afghanistan, lasting about a year each.

He’s been back in the U.S. since 2013, where he’s been renting a room in a friend’s house.

He credits his support system for helping with his transition from his service.

He knows, however, that that is not always the case.

“While you’re over there, you’re kind of forced into living with all your friends for a year at a time and so you’ve got this forced comradery and family situation there and if you come back here and you don’t have anybody, I imagine it’s pretty lonely,” said Middlebrooks.

Middlebrook said he wanted to put together an idea on how he can help a fellow veteran.

“Just let them live with me for, I was thinking, six months and from there work towards getting him a new job, getting all the clothes they need just get them back on their feet and started,” said Middlebrooks.

While working on a stable income for himself, he has to be patient before sending his idea into full swing.

“I was talking to a friend of mine and she got me all excited about doing something now,” said Middlebrooks.

He set up a GoFundMe account called “Second Chance for Homeless Veterans.”

He said he wants it to be a limited time solution until he can support a veteran or two on his own income.

He also said the one goal wants out of his project is to rebuild the confidence of a veteran at the bottom in the states that was at the top overseas.

“I want to help these guys get back to the point where they can take pride of where their life is at,” said Middlebrooks.

Middlebrooks said he has reached out to places such as the V.A. in Sioux Falls and the Berakhah House for guidance and possible candidates to bring in.

For more on the “Second Chance for Veterans” GoFundMe account, follow the link here.

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