Governor Daugaard Helps Give Downtown Sioux Falls A Boost

Governor Visits Sioux Falls Businesses Following Structure Collapse Earlier This Month

On December 3rd, the Copper Lounge collapsed, killing a 24-year old construction worker, Ethan McMahon.

Road closures and shut downs closed downtown Sioux Falls for about two week.

As the dust settled, bitter, subzero cold kept shoppers inside.

The difficulties brought by December have left businesses with an up and down holiday shopping season.

Downtown Sioux Falls Executive Director Joe Batcheller said some concerns still exist, but the hope is time will set sales straight.

“They quickly see that we have a thriving community down here and they’re glad to be a part of it. I’d say the concerns that are out there are quickly being alleviated,” said Batcheller.

One shopper seen by several stores Wednesday was South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard.

He said it’s important to show local businesses across the state some appreciation during what is supposed to be a busy sales month.

“Businesses in every locale in South Dakota pay property taxes, they hire your neighbors, and they hire you. When they do well, you do well, you’re communities do well,” said Gov. Daugaard.

After spending time with several businesses in downtown Sioux Falls, Gov. Daugaard said he believes the mood is heading in the right direction.

“All the businesses saw a bit of drop-off following the building collapse and all the concern about those circumstances and then of course last week we had the bitter cold so I think a lot of people bunkered down and waited out that cold but I’d say the weather outside is no longer frightful so come on down. Sioux falls is delightful,” said Gov. Daugaard.

Gov. Daugaard also pushed shopping online at the local level.

He cautioned South Dakota doesn’t see any of the sales revenue if shopping online is done with an out of state business.

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