Christmas Tradition Lives On At Sanford Pentagon

Sioux Falls Skyforce Have Scheduled Christmas Day Game For 28 Years

Christmas is a time for families to put on decades-long traditions to help celebrate the holiday.

That’s no different for the Sioux Falls Skyforce.

For the last 28 years, the Skyforce have scheduled a game on Christmas Day.

Only once in 2009 was the game played on the 26th, due to blizzard conditions.

While it wasn’t snowing outside this weekend, third year guard Henry Walker said they can count on fans in rain, sleet or snow.

“This place is very adverse to bad weather but people still come out and support us. It means a lot,” said Walker.

First year head coach Nevada Smith said that he’s going to have to embrace technology.

“We’ll celebrate a little bit through FaceTime,” said Smith.

He said the chance to be a part of a Christmas game, however, is an experience that can’t be found often.

“You don’t get to do that anywhere else. There are not many college games on Christmas so we’re looking forward to it,” said Smith.

Second year forward Jabril Trawick said playing with the team is like spending the day with family.

“You’re always away from your family. Even if you get to see them once or twice a month, it’s still not as much as you’re used to. I think that having your brothers around you all year round is something that makes it easier to cope with not being able to see your family as much,” said Trawick

Walker said seeing the turnout on the Christmas Day games adds motivation to play on the holiday.

“They could be anywhere else but in the gym watching us play and they show up,” said Walker.

Trawick said he isn’t surprised by the Christmas reception simply due to turnout throughout the year.

“It’s just great to know we have that fan base and that support whether it’s we play the game every year on thanksgiving or any other day,” said Trawick.

The Skyforce went on to win their fourth straight Christmas Day game, defeating the Northern Arizona Suns, 96-94 in overtime.

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