Sports Talk Radio Host Reacts After Watching DAPL Protest Unfold At Vikings Game

Three people have been arrested following a disturbance at US Bank Stadium during the Vikings vs. Bears game Sunday afternoon. Cell phone video and pictures from fans show two people dangling from a truss in the stadium next to a banner protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Craig Mattick, the Director of Sports at KWSN Radio, is also a Minnesota Vikings season ticket holder. But a lot the action that unfolded in front of him on Sunday, didn’t take place on the field.

dapl-protest-vikings-2Mattick said, “There’s sometimes injuries, there’s stuff going on in the game where you’re always checking Twitter and updates.”

Mattick actually found out on Twitter that two people had climbed a truss at US Bank Stadium, and hung a banner protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

“You had to really take a close look, but one of the guys was wearing a purple Brett Favre jersey, but they were just hanging there. In fact, they were using their cell phones to talk to some of the media while the time they were up there.” said Mattick.

Mattick says the game was never interrupted, but a section below them was evacuated.

dapl-protest-vikings-3Mattick said, “There was about 160 people that they moved out of the way just in case something fell.”

The banner read ‘US Bank DIVEST #NoDAPL’. The protesters say the stunt was ‘in solidarity with water protectors from Standing Rock’ to urge US Bank to ‘divest’ or pull financing from the company building the pipeline. But Mattick says it took awhile for some people to catch on.

Mattick said, “People in the area first thought it was US Bank’s banner.”

While the protest went viral, Mattick doesn’t believe their message was well received. Protesters were met with booing fans when they climbed down and taken into custody after the game.

“Give them a thumbs up for the noteriety they’re getting, but they’re still idiots. Let’s face it, putting themselves in danger, and really, they’re not going to change anyone’s mind.”

Many now wonder how they were able to get a huge banner and climbing gear into the game in the first place.

“They’ve got stringent requirements for people to get into the stadium with what you can bring in,” said Mattick. “I don’t know how they got in; a lot of people speculating it’s an inside job.”

The man and woman were arrested for trespassing. Another woman was later arrested for obstructing the legal process for her involvement.

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