Jackley’s Legislative Priorities Include Anti-Corruption, Mug Shot Bills

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – Attorney General Marty Jackley will pursue bills during the upcoming legislative session on topics from expanding the state’s 24-7 sobriety program to allowing the release of criminal booking photos.

Jackley said Wednesday that he will also propose new criminal conflict-of-interest penalties for public officials.

Under the plan, officials who commit a conflict-of-interest offense would be guilty of theft rather than the current misdemeanor self-dealing penalty. Theft is a felony when its value exceeds $1,000.

The proposal would also offer employee whistleblower protection. Jackley says that officials who misappropriate taxpayer money violate the public trust and should be held responsible.

Jackley plans also to ask lawmakers to approve legislation that would make some serious or violent crimes not receive the presumption of probation at sentencing.

The legislative session opens Jan. 10.

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