Sioux Falls Man Arrested After Doctors Say Baby’s Broken Arm Came From A “Snapping” Motion

SIOUX FALLS – A Sioux Falls man is behind bars on felony child abuse charges after a baby was brought to an area hospital with a broken arm.

Police say the one-year-old baby began fussing around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning when Glen Wanna, Jr., 27, got up to attend to the baby. Police say he woke the baby’s mother after pulling on the child’s arm, and brought the baby to a hospital. Hospital doctors told police that the child’s arm was broken, and that the break was more consistent with a snapping motion than the motion Wanna described making.

In addition to being charged with felony child abuse, Wanna also faces domestic assault charges after police say he slapped and punched the child’s 27-year-old mother Tuesday afternoon.

Wanna is expected to appear in court this afternoon.


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