High School Chemistry Students Get Elementary Kids Excited About Science

SIOUX FALLS – Some high schoolers in the Sioux Falls School District are urging others to get involved in science. AP Chemistry students from Washington High School created experiments to do in front students at John Harris Elementary School.

Kindergarten through 5th graders watched as several groups performed the experiments this afternoon. The experiments involved crushing cans and making eggs float to turning substances different colors. The goal was to get the younger student thinking about what they could do for their own upcoming science fair and third grader Elijah Sumey has already been coming up with some ideas.

“Probably because cars do burnouts, because I really like burnouts,” said Elijah Sumey.

Skylar, a WHS Senior said, “AP Chem is really special in that we go outside the classroom a lot more and get the kids going and get them interested in science .”

John Harris Elementary will hold their science fair on February 3rd.

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