Red Cross Blood Bank Down 5% In Sioux Falls

SIOUX FALLS – The holiday season may be over but the red cross says the time for giving isn’t over yet.

Jennifer Ross, the executive director of the Red Cross Eastern Sioux Falls, says that, around the holiday season, they expect donations to be low. However, reserves are down about 5 percent from where they would normally be. While only around 38 percent of people are eligible to donate, only 10 percent actually do donate. A percentage that Ross says can go up because the process is very easy.

“There’s wonderful people who walk you through the process. When you come in, you’re going to check in at the blood drive, you’re going to sit down with one of our staff, in a private area, and talk about health history. They’re going to take your temperature and your blood pressure… check your iron to make sure you’re healthy to give that day and then they’re going to walk you through the process.”

Ross says the giving process takes about 5 minutes and one donation saves three lives. She also says you can download the ‘blood donor’ app to track where your blood is going.

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