Touchmark Plans Fitness Center For Ages 55+

Touchmark is slated to open a brand new Health & Fitness Club this spring that caters specially to those 55 and older.

Robert DiBonto, the director of the Health & Fitness Club, says Touchmark is very proactive in how they approach fitness with their residents. He says as people mature and age, you should be active so that you’re healthier as you progress. Many times people exercise as if they’re training as an athlete, but most of us aren’t competing. DiBonto wants to train people to be functional in daily life, whether that’s being confident in climbing stairs or carrying items like groceries. He says he wants to show residents how to exercise the right way, which means getting the “no pain, no gain” mentality out of mind. Understanding your personal level of fitness is vital, and it’s crucial for people to understand that their fitness level may not be what it was when you were 20. DiBonto says to be patient and not focus so much on the cosmetic changes at first, but to focus on getting healthy.

DiBonto says the Health & Fitness Club will have group classes, whether water or land classes, and personal training sessions. The center is scheduled to open in early March. Touchmark is located at 111 W 17th Street in Sioux Falls.

Touchmark is a senior living community based out of Oregon with locations all across the nation. Learn more here.

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