Zenner Not Bothered By Michael Bennett’s Comments

Seahawks Defensive Lineman Calls Zenner "Best White Running Back In The NFL"

DETROIT, MI  —  Perhaps it’s a sign that you’ve made it in the NFL these days is when you become a hot take for the national media talk shows.

Though knowing Zach Zenner from his days at South Dakota State, he’d just assume not talk about himself at all.

Zenner’s and the Detroit Lions are getting ready to face Seattle on Saturday in the Wildcard playoffs.  Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett was complimentary of the SDSU alum, ut his remarks about Zenner being the best white running back in the NFL, and lack of white running backs in the league in general, have struck a racial nerve with some.

Except the guy who the comments were directed at.

You can watch Zenner’s Lions take on Bennett’s Seahawks on KDLT on Saturday at 7:15 PM.

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