LGBT Rights Activist Reacts To Transgender Woman’s Death

The Center For Equality wants justice for Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow

After hearing the news this weekend of the investigation into a transgender woman’s death, many are left feeling shocked and sad, including LGBT rights advocates in Sioux Falls.

The Center for Equality says in a statement, “Our thoughts and love go out to Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow and her family.”  The center’s president, Danielle Wilcox, was shocked to hear the news about Jamie’s death.  After learning that a suspect is in custody, Wilcox hopes this is another step towards justice for Jamie.  The center wants to help those having a difficult time coping with Jamie’s death.

“We see you, we hear you.  You are not alone in South Dakota.  South Dakota has a thriving, vibrant transgender community and I would encourage anyone looking for help or support to reach out to The Center for Equality here in Sioux Falls.  Our door is always open,” Wilcox says.

KDLT News will continue to update you on this developing story.

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