Good Samaritan Turned Victim

LINCOLN COUNTY, S.D.- Here’s a story that will make you question whether being nice is worth it. It’s something one Lincoln County Sheriff’s Deputy says he hasn’t heard of in his 20 years in law enforcement, a good samaritan helping someone and then becoming a victim.

“I have been in law enforcement for 20 years and I have never come across something like this; that a good samaritan became a victim,” says Chief Deputy of Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office Chad Brown.

It was a good samaritan deed gone wrong, a man trying to help a stranded driver ends up becoming a crime victim. It happened at the intersection of Louise avenue and 271st street. The driver of the stranded car told the man he ran out of gas, so the man offered to give the driver a ride to the gas station, but shortly after he got the man back on his way,  he noticed his wallet was gone.

“Well, we definitely don’t want to scare people this is the Midwest. We are born and raised; a lot of the people in the Midwest to help others. That’s the way we were brought up” says Brown.

Police say you can still have that Midwest mentality to help, but always be careful.

We hope that people will help other people out but, just be cautious and observant of the surrounding. Don’t leave people in your vehicle unattended, watch your valuables, but we definitely hope people won’t stop helping other people.

The sheriff’s office says they are still doing a follow-up investigation, but they do have some surveillance footage of the suspect along with a vehicle plate they are trying to track down. They also say If you see someone in distress and you are not comfortable approaching or stopping to help, call the police.

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