Mitch Weg Has Mustangs Riding High In NSIC

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MARSHALL, MN —  It’s easy to see what Mitch Weg brings on the court for the Southwest Minnesota State Mustangs.

“When he’s on the floor he’s kind of one of those floor generals where he can put everyone in their spots as a point guard would do it, but he’s also a power forward slash center. So when you have those types of guys who can communicate at a high level that just makes you better.” SMSU Head Coach Brad Bigler says.

It’s what he does in a quieter fashion that make him a pillar in Marshall.

“I’m not one of those guys that’s like a rah rah, talk a lot. I just try to lead by example.” SMSU Senior Forward/Center Mitch Weg says.

What began with shooting hoops at the YMCA in Worthington became something that turned Mitch on to SMSU.

“Wasn’t that if it wasn’t close or something like that. Just when I went there everything felt right.” Mitch says about his decision to go to SMSU.

Over the last four years he’s started virtually every game, averaging 12 points per game in his sophomore and junior year. This season he’s helped the Mustangs get off to a 13-2 start.

“He’s kind of our heart and soul in many ways. He’s that tough guy, he’s very consistent, he understands his role.” Bigler says.

“Just giving everything you got. I think that more than anything speaks to what Mustang basketball is. And if I can do that and show some of the new guys, some of the redshirts that came in this year and a couple years, than I feel like I’ve done my job.” Mitch says.

It’s success that’s more personal.

“There’s a lot of young kids growing up dreaming of being a Mitch Weg. And that’s where I think Mitch understands the impact that he has.” Bigler says.

Because it’s home.

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