SD Residents Still On Upswing With Less Cases Of Flu

SOUTH DAKOTA – The flu season has been in effect since October but luckily for South Dakota residents we are sitting at local activity, which means we are still on the upswing and lesser cases have been detected. However, doctors say they anticipate that soon we will go to regional activity where the virus will spread throughout our population. We spoke to a Sanford doctor and he says its not too late for you to get your flu shot.

“We continue to vaccinate throughout the flu season which is very very important, so it’s not too late for you to get your flu vaccine in January here. In fact it wouldn’t be too late for you to get your flu vaccine if you don’t get it until February or March however we would like people to get their flu vaccines now.” says D. Wendell Hoffman of the Sanford Infectious Disease

When it comes to residents in South Dakota getting their vaccination the state has for a number of years led the nation in terms of per capita of influenza vaccine rates.

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