Tea Woman Hides In Bathroom During Airport Shooting

Sheila Amrhien was traveling to Florida for a work related cruise

Last week, a Tea woman was on her way to Florida for a cruise she was going on for work.

But before getting on the boat, Sheila Amrhien  found herself just yards away from the deadly shooting.

“I heard more of pop, pop, pop; I mean it just didn’t seem to end.”

Sheila Amrhien is on a cruise to Haiti recalling the sound of gunshots after flying in to Fort Lauderdale Airport Friday.

“I just remember looking down at my hands and they were shaking terribly,” she says.

Amrhien was in the bathroom near carousel 1 and 2 where the shooter opened fire.

She then remembers looking down in the bathroom stall and seeing two pairs of black shoes.

“I thought yup, okay, they’re going to fling this door open and shoot me; I’m done.”

It turned out to be police officers responding to the attack.

Amrhien thinks she had been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes before those officers came in and told her she was okay.

That’s when Amrhien got a grasp of what was going on.

“I look and I see a man lying on the floor getting handcuffed,” says Amrhien.

She and a few others then took shelter in an airport office.

“We closed the door, shut it, [and] locked it,” says Amrhien, giving her time to alert family and friends.

“There were times when I texted and I said ‘it’s not okay, we’re sitting here, we’re sitting ducks’.”

But as her surroundings calmed, Amrhien knew she was going to survive.

“The gift that I was given is life,” she says.

After being interviewed by police, Amrhien was escorted onto a bus that took her to the port where her cruise ship was docked.

Knowing how close she was to the attack, Amrhein believes she’s alive today because she happened to use the bathroom before getting her luggage at the carousel.

Five people were killed in the attack.

Police arrested the man they believe opened fire and he could face the death penalty.

Amrhien will return to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Sunday on her way back to Sioux Falls.

She admits she is terrified to go back to what was just a crime scene last week.

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