Fill Your Order For National Glazed Donut Day Thursday With Flyboy Donuts

Flyboy Donuts

Thursday is National Glazed Donut Day, and Flyboy Donuts is ready to fill your orders!

Ben Duenwald, the owner and manager of Flyboy Donuts, says they can prepare any order for Thursday until midnight Wednesday and have it ready by 6 a.m. Flyboy Donuts has been in Sioux Falls for about three years, and Duenwald says they’ve had great business over the years. He says they even have so many different varieties of donuts, he’s lost count! A person can special order any kind of donuts they’d like, even creating a message with letter-shaped donuts. Duenwald says last July they started roasting and selling their own Flyboy brand coffee as well.

Flyboy Donuts is located in The Bridges center on 57th Street and Western Avenue in Sioux Falls. You can order in-store or online here.

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