Harrisburg North Middle School Students Going to President Elect’s Inauguration

HARRISBURG, S.D. – A Harrisburg middle school teacher has been taking her students on a cross-country field trip for nearly two decades, but the one she has planned will be hard to top.

“I heard about it like in elementary school, because my sister went on the trip when she was in middle school,” says, Megan Verley, Harrisburg eighth grade student.

“I heard it back in six grade, during a little speech that Miss Huffman gave us,” says, Jack Christianson Harrisburg eighth grade student.

For both Jack and Megan, this has been a trip they have long waited for. For the past 17 years, their history teacher has been taking students to Washington, D.C., but this time, this trip will be a little different.

“I was really excited because I have always wanted to go to D.C., cause its kind of a cool place. To go to the inauguration is once in a lifetime thing, I think for me” says, Christianson.

Yes, you heard that right, Jack, and Megan along with around 60 students will be flying out next Wednesday to be at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

“When I first heard about it, that we would be going to the inauguration and doing all this stuff that not too many people get to do. I was really excited because I just get to like learn new stuff and experience new things” says Verley.

North middle school principal says they owe the thanks to Miss Huffman, who always makes history come alive for the students.

“It’s pretty exciting and very important for their education, it’s something they will always remember, as will I,” says, Micah Fesler, North middle school principal.

The students originally had plans to tour Arlington National Cemetery to see a wreath-laying ceremony but got bumped by someone soon to be in the oval office.

We found out that the dignitaries are actually Donald Trump and Mike Pence, so while we are at Arlington, our new president, and vice president will be there too and thus the phrase Trump bump we got Trump bump was coined” says, Fesler.

“I have always been a hands-on person and I figured for my students to get more out of a lesson, they need experiences they can relate to,” says Tamra Huffman, U.S. history teacher at Harrisburg.

Huffman says they were given the inauguration ticket through Senator John Thune. They will fly out next Wednesday and return Saturday, the 21.

Parent’s of the students were given an informational meeting about the trip and then the parents decided whether or not to send their child.

The school plans to continue the trip to D.C. every year but says it will be hard to top this one.

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