Families Enjoy Annual “Christmas with the Animals” at Great Plains Zoo

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- It was a beautiful sunny day, nothing really like Christmas unless you were at the Great Plains Zoo.

The zoo welcomed families for their annual “Christmas with the Animals” were zoo-goers were able to watch zookeepers give different kinds of enrichment to animals such as Rhinos, Snow Monkeys, and Bison.

Zoo keepers say enrichment is important for the animals because it helps horn their natural instinct like hunting, foraging and scent marking.

“Enrichment is a top priority for our zoo keepers and its something they do every day. Special events like today’s, “Christmas with the Animals” gives the public an opportunity to see zookeepers giving an enrichment to our animals,” says Kylee Breems, Senior Director of Communications at Great Plains Zoo.

Christmas with the animals is part of the zoo’s ongoing animal enrichment efforts.

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