LifeScape Presents “Space School Musical” With Actors Of All Abilities

It’s a story we’re all familiar with: being a student trying to finish their science project before the deadline. A new musical presented by LifeScape is taking that story to the final frontier in the “Space School Musical.” It premiers on Augustana’s campus on January 27.

Jamie Richardson, with LifeScape’s Center for the Arts, says this is the fifth year of their musical performances, and they are unique to the area because the actors and performers are of all abilities, including those with disabilities who may otherwise be left out of a typical production. Richardson adds that children and adults with and without disabilities is welcome to join. she says they don’t want to focus on disabilities, but to shine a spotlight on each actor’s abilities. She says each performance with the kids is always sold out!

Carter, who plays Hayden, says “Space School Musical” follows the story of a brother and sister who are trying to get their science project finished on time, and tag team in a dream through outer space to get the project done. Chrissy, who plays Hayden’s sister Hannah, says the siblings get along well and work together to get the work completed. Plus, both Carter and Chrissy have solos they’re excited to perform.

“Space School Musical” premieres on January 27 at Augustana University’s Edith Mortensen Theatre. Tickets are on sale on and are available here.

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