Netflix Users Beware of Scam Asking For Personal Information

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.- There’s a new phishing scam that’s targeting Netflix customers.  People are getting emails that look real, directing them to a website that also looks real. The site is asking them for their personal information.

“Be very, very careful of what lands in your inbox because so much of it is a threat to you” says,  Jessie Schmidt, State Director for the Better Business Bureau for South Dakota.

That’s the warning business experts are giving about a new scam targeting Netflix users.

“The Netflix scam is called a phishing scam and those have been around for several years. What happens is that scammers create a phony website and a phony email that looks nearly identical to Netflix’s information” says, Schmidt.

Netflix users will get an email prompting them to update their payment information or that their account is about to be canceled. Once they click on the link it redirects them to this fake Netflix page.

The fake site will ask for information like their credit card number, card expiration date, card security code, and social security number but, experts say one thing to pay attention to is the URL.

“Cause it’s typically just slightly different. So we always tell people to be very careful when you click on a link because you may be downloading malware to your own computer that will capture your sensitive information as well” says, Schmidt.

So far Sioux Falls police say they haven’t received calls about this scam, but this is something that is common.

“We do get calls pretty much on a daily basis about different suspicious emails or phishing scam type emails, ” says, Aaron Benson, Sioux Falls Sergeant in property crime and fraud.

To avoid becoming a fraud victim, police say avoid sites that ask for personal information, and always call the company if you are suspicious about something.

“If you know you are a victim of a fraud and you have given out your personal information. You would want to notify whatever your financial institution if you gave a credit card number. You could file a police report with us” says, Benson.

Netflix advises anyone who thinks they were scammed to call customer service.

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