Dear Mr. President…

With the New President Sworn In, What Would You Say To Him?

If Donald Trump was standing in front of you and you could say anything, what would you say? Would you give him advice for the next four years or would you give him a piece of your mind? For some the answer may come easy… for others, not so much. KDLT News asked people in downtown Sioux Falls what they’d say to the 45th President.

“That I will faithfully execute,” said President Donald Trump.
“The office of President of the United States.”
“The office of President of the United States,” recited Donald Trump.

With Donald Trump swearing as the 45th President of the United States, if you could say one thing to him, a general comment or advice, what would you say?

Daniel Stark of Sioux Falls said, “[I’d] Tell him to say to General Mattis for me and congratulations on picking the best Secretary of Defense you could ask for.”

Having watched Donald Trump’s Inaugural speech with Minnehaha-Lincoln Republican Women, Raymond Karimian would say, “Mr. Trump, just give power back to the people… go back to the Constitution and bring some common sense, basically, to Washington.”

Having watched the Inauguration with his family, even though he didn’t vote for Trump, Michael Enalls would ask the 45th President about promises he’s made, “I think my biggest question would be, how he plans to materialize all the promises he made to the American people while also not destroying foreign relations.” Enalls also would offer Trump some advice for the next four years, “I’d probably just say relax on being so harsh about other cultures and races and stuff because it causes trouble and people don’t need that.”

Much like Enalls, John Pesicka of Sioux Falls, would also ask Trump to keep his promises he’s made, “I’d say to president trump, keep your campaign promises, and we’ll be good.”

Both Morgan Smalls and Jada Plath are interested in how the next four years will play out and ask that the new President treats all people fairly, “I’m interested to see how his four years will work out, it will be interesting,” said Smalls.

“I would say to be nicer to people, all people and to love people like Jesus would.”

Much like Smalls, Daylon Holder of Sioux Falls is interested on how the next four years will play out and wishes Donald Trump well as America’s 45th President, ” I’d wish him well. I mean… wishing him to do bad would be like asking a pilot to crash a plane that we’re all on.”

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