Sec. Krebs Announces New Concealed Carry Permit Program

PIERRE -Today, Secretary of State Shantel Krebs announced a new concealed carry weapon permit program and permit design.

Secretary Krebs said, “This permit is more official looking with a reflective hologram very similar to a driver’s license without the photo id. Because of the substantial increase in concealed carry weapon permits issued in recent years we needed to change the way the permits were produced to increase efficiency and decrease costs while also improving the quality and style of the cards. When I studied the work flow process time to produce the old cards I realized there was room to cut costs on labor. We have cut the cost of each permit from $4.75 to $1.48,” stated Secretary Krebs. Much of the cost was due to the amount of staff time to assemble the old permit by hand.

Permits issued have nearly tripled in the past 10 years. In 2016 Secretary Krebs issued an all-time high for new and renewed permits of 30,029. In 2006 the Secretary of State’s office issued 11,763.

There are over 96,000 active permit holders that currently have the previous style laminated card that has been accused of resembling a library card.

For those wanting to upgrade to the new looking permit:

If they just want the new looking permit, address changed, name change (because of marriage) the request comes to the SD SOS office by writing a letter to request a replacement with the new permit to the Secretary of State’s office with name, date of birth, address, signature, permit number and a check for $2 made out to the Secretary of State’s office.

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