ONLY ON KDLT: Firefighters Donate Van to Veteran In Need

SFFR donates van with "Step Up For Heroes" proceeds

Sioux Falls firefighters recently went above and beyond to help a veteran in need.

Friday afternoon, the Sioux Falls Firefighters Association donated a van to a U.S. Army medic who served overseas.  The woman, who lives in Sioux Falls, but wished to remain anonymous, has health issues stemming from an infection she got during a medical procedure.  Her car was recently repossessed, which has kept her from finding work.  So, firefighters bought her a van from Sioux Falls Ford for $2,000, using money from their “Step Up For Heroes” fundraiser.  Firefighters met the woman in December after she reached out to a veterans help hotline.

“By nature, firefighters, we want to give, we want to serve.  We want to give back to our community and that’s the main goal of our “Step Up” program, is to give back,” says firefighter Nick Luther.

“Step Up” donations are given out year-round, from big gifts like a car, to small surprises like filling up someone’s gas tank.

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