Brandon Woman Seeks Help For New Spay/Neuter Animal Shelter

BRANDON, S.D. – In the last year, the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society has reached capacity multiple times.

They’ve had to put up signs saying they are no longer accepting owner surrendered animals.

While the shelter does have room right now, one Brandon woman knows they could reach capacity again.

So she’s doing her part to help.

For as long as Monique Mixell can remember, she’s been an animal lover.

“As a little girl we would rescue strays and feed them and take care of them,” says Mixell.

And that continued as an adult.

For more than 8 years, Mixell worked at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society as a kennel manager.

“I just knew that’s what I wanted to do for my career.”

The shelter is where she met her 10-year-old black lab Jazzy.

“There’s no way I could give her up after that,” she says.

It’s also where she got her passion to start her own non-profit.

“There’s a terrible amount of un-wanted pets.”

Mixell says the majority of animals she worked with at the humane society came in un-fixed.

“There’s just a lot of people out there that love their pets but can’t afford to spay or neuter,” explains Mixell. “I’ve seen that for years.”

This is why she says the shelter houses so many animals.

But she wants to change that.

She set up a GoFundMe account to raise money for her new non-profit organization, ‘South Dakota Spay Neuter and Rescue’.

The organization will provide low cost animal alterations.

“The health benefits are tremendous to have a spayed and neutered animal, it saves them the cancer risk later in life,” says Mixell.

Mixell says having this shelter will not only alleviate pet homelessness, it will also improve the quality of life for pets; and of course allow her to continue working in the field she loves.

She hopes to open up shop in Sioux Falls sometime this summer.

Mixell says the non-profit will only charge $40 to $70 to get an animal fixed.

The non-profit is already certified through the state.

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