FIRST LEGO League Competition Encourages STEM Skills

As many future careers are developing around science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills, a program called FIRST LEGO League is encouraging kids to team up and build robots.

Teams of kids aged 9-14 build and program a robot made from LEGOs that they will compete with in the State Championship this weekend in Sioux Falls. The teams will participate in challenges where they will be judged on things like teamwork, professionalism, project and robot design. In the past, challenges have focused on topics like nanotechnology, climate and quality of life for the handicapped population.

Teams can win awards for demonstrating strong values like teamwork and cooperation, as well as prizes for mechanics and robot design. The program also awards scholarships to high school students who participate in the competition.

The FIRST LEGO League has over 255,000 participants in 88 countries. The State Championship in Sioux Falls will be held this weekend at Augustana University.

Watch the video above or click here for more information on the FIRST LEGO League.

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