Women’s March SF Organizers Overwhelmed With Turnout

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Thousands of people marched in downtown Sioux Falls Saturday in the name of women.

It was an amount that even shocked the organizers.

When the idea came to join those in Washington D.C., organizer Kadyn Wittman says she expected about 250 people to join.

Instead 3.327 people from all walks of life marched down Philips Avenue to City Hall.

The organizers say this number shows t

hat people here in the Sioux Empire are ready to unite and fight to have their voices heard.

Something they are proud to say.

“It’s insane, I am so happy and I’m so excited for what 2017 is going to bring,” says Kelly Sullivan.

“We have heard that this was the largest demonstration that has ever happened in the history of our city,” adds Wittman. “So to be part of that historical moment is just mind blowing and exciting and overwhelming.”

The organizers say it took close to 30 volunteers to make sure people were staying off the streets, using the correct cross walks and staying positive, which Downtown Sioux Falls says they’re thankful for.

“We’re just really proud of that, and that downtown is a really welcoming community,” says DTSF Communications and Membership Director Brienne Maner. “We’ve really rallied over the last couple of months and come together, and this is just another shining example of that.”

Maner says businesses thrived off of the extra foot traffic.

Many stores were holding winter clearances and were happy to see a spike in customers.

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