Mayor Huether Will Not Sign Resolution To Give Away A Valuable Piece Of City Property


SIOUX FALLS  – Mayor Mike Huether will not sign the City Council’s resolution intended to give away 2.5 acres of City property, the site of the Sioux Falls Ice and Recreation Center.

The resolution, adopted by the City Council on January 17, 2017, sets in motion steps that will result in the property, including the building, being given to the Glory House without any payment to the City. Even without the Mayor’s signature, the resolution will go into effect on February 17.

“Giving away a very valuable and useful City asset to any organization, even a nonprofit organization, is setting a very bad precedent for Sioux Falls City government, and I will not support it. Our team works hard every day to protect taxpayers, but this City Council resolution takes us on an opposite path,” says Mayor Huether.

Huether feels that consideration should be given to the future design and development of nearby 49th Street, which may increase the value of this property and may require land for proper drainage design.

The Glory House has submitted no plans to indicate how much of the 2.5 acres is needed, how the organization might use the property, the financial feasibility of their plans, nor the time frame within which their development might occur.

“I hope that the executive branch and the legislative branch of City government find common ground regarding this valuable property and work together to ensure a financially prudent decision that protects our taxpayers first and foremost,” says Mayor Huether.

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