Fitness Friday: Not a Gymrat? Try These Options Instead

Most of us set fitness and health as our top NY goals, but it can drop off quickly. Some innovative ways to get in your daily exercise may make it a little easier to stick with.

Chris and Annie Mello from CPMFITness have some great fitness tips for you.

Annie says many gyms, like theirs, are starting to combine two types of fitness into a single class. Annie says a “fit and flow” class combines yoga and strength, plus classes are only about 45 minutes. She says it benefits just as well as taking single classes, and she believes it can even be better because all types of fitness coincide. Yoga can help you gain better flexibility so you can get a greater stretch in your strength exercises, and vice versa. Chris recommends finding a coach and trainer who can help you figure out how to do exercises properly so you get the most of your workout and so you don’t injure yourself.

A number of mobile fitness programs are also available. Annie says it’s a great option to have whether you have a gym membership or not because it can either be a great stand-alone fitness option at home, or it can supplement your gym membership by giving you something to do on your “off” days. Annie recommends Daily Burn and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. She also says the Peloton is a new fitness bike that provides a video screen with an on-screen coach to follow along without having to go to a gym. Annie also likes to scope Pinterest for workout routines.

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