Winter Conditions Have Little Effect On Sioux Empire Farm Show

SIOUX FALLS – Despite the bad weather earlier this week, the Sioux Empire Farm Show hasn’t seen it affect their numbers very much.

Organizers say the snow had a slight impact on attendance Tuesday and Wednesday, but after rearranging a couple events, they have seen attendance slowly pick back up.

The winter weather actually helped in one area, the farm show manager says they have seen an increase in their website usage this year compared to last.

“We sold a lot online yesterday, so it was a good thing. i don’t know what today will do since as far as the auctions it’s a littler nicer out today so hopefully they’ll be able to come and see the animals in person.,” said Cindy Christensen the Sioux Empire Farm Show Manager.

The Farm Show says their biggest sale online so far has been nine head of cattle to a buyer in California.

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