Flu Outbreak Hits South Dakota

Confirmed Cases In The State Nearly Doubled Last Week

The state of South Dakota is seeing a “significant” increase in confirmed flu cases.

South Dakota has had 300 confirmed cases of the flu this season.

134 of those cases have come since the beginning of last week.

The state has moved from a “regional” spread level to a “widespread” level.

Three people have died because of the illness, most recently as last week.

Dr. Nicholas Torbert with Pediatrics at Avera Medical Group said the answer to the outbreak could be as easy as the flu snuck in without us knowing.

“You’re around people that have the flu and the flu can actually be spread before you have a lot of symptoms. That’s one of the reasons why people are picking up that virus at really almost an exponential rate,” said Dr. Torbert.

Infants and the elderly are some of the “at-risk” areas of concern for doctors when the flu breaks out.

Symptoms to look out for include stronger than usual muscle aches, persistent wet coughing and difficulties breathing.

Dr. Torbert said the easiest form of prevention is just staying home.

However, there are a few ways to keep out of harms reach out in public.

“If you are around people that you think are experiencing flu-like symptoms, I would dismiss yourself from the room, if possible. The other thing is the stand-bys, washing your hands and covering your cough is really important,” said Dr. Torbert.

Last year, the peak of flu season came in the first week of March.

Avera Medical still has the flu shot available for anyone who may need it.

However, Avera is no longer providing the nasal spray for this year.

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