Immigration Attorney Weighs In on Travel Ban

SIOUX FALLS, S.D.-  According to social services organizations, South Dakota is home to refugees from Iraq, Somalia,  and Sudan. Three countries impacted by President Trump’s travel restrictions.

“All weekend long, I have been in contact with different lawyers and receiving messages from different lawyers as to how the matter is being processed,” says Immigration Attorney Henry Evans.

It’s been a busy weekend at Evans law, as attorney Henry Evans tries to answer questions from his clients about President Trump’s executive order. While no one he has spoken with is having issues entering the United States, there are many concerns.

“Rather it’s other clients calling to see whether they can bring in their employees, or whether they can travel as a permanent resident and other questions about the executive order,” says Evans.

Protesters filled airports this weekend nationwide to voice their opposition to President Trump’s executive order. However, Evans says the ban isn’t just affecting the seven Muslim-majority countries.

“You have got refugees; the whole refugee program is basically in a time out mode. People can’t enter as a refugee into the United States from whatever country,” says Evans.

For families with loved ones traveling back to the U. S., Evans says there could be some hang-ups.

“If it’s a permanent resident returning to the United States, to be prepared for what’s called a secondary questioning,” says Evans.

At this point, Evans says there are more questions than answers regarding the travel ban.

“A lot of concerns for the unknown, how will the direct and indirect consequences of this weekend influence the future executive orders, “says Evans.

Senator Mike Rounds and Representative Kristi Noem have both expressed their support of the ban.

Senator John Thune says he supports vetting individuals traveling from countries where terrorists are operating, but that this order has created unnecessary confusion.

Today President Trump said, “there is nothing nice about searching for terrorists before they can enter our country.”  He says it was a big part of his campaign.



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