SFPD: Two SF Residents Scammed On Craigslist While Buying Puppy

SIOUX FALLS – Two Sioux Falls residents became victims of a scam while trying to buy a puppy on craigslist.

Police say a 20-year-old woman and a 20-year-old man both from Sioux Falls wired money to a business in Texas advertising puppies for sale. Sometime after sending $500 for a Boston Terrier via moneygram, the two reached out to the Better Business Bureau who then told them it was a scam and to contact police.

Officer Sam Clemens says that although there can be legitimate money transfer transactions on craigslist that it should still be a red flag.

“That can be a red flag for a lot of people. They really need to do some checking before they send out that money,” said Clemens. “Just talking with friends or family and getting a sense of things, and most people when they hear the details, if it’s a scam, they’re going to realize it too.”

Police wouldn’t release the name of the business as the investigation is still ongoing.

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