Governor Daugaard Discusses IM 22 Repeal Decision

Governor Signed Repeal Bill, House Bill 1069, Thursday

Governor Dennis Daugaard said in his State of the State address in January that he supported the repeal of Initiated Measure 22.

He stayed true to his word.

With an emergency clause attached, Initiated Measure 22 is officially repealed after Gov. Daugaard signed the repeal bill, House Bill 1069.

He said the move clears the way for new measures that fit voter concern while also abiding by the state constitution.

“That is the appropriate path to take. The measure was, as Judge Barnett said, beyond a reasonable doubt, unconstitutional,” said Gov. Daugaard.

He explained that he saw a few items in the ethics overhaul that he didn’t think fit.

He said he believes voters would not want to see public funding go toward political campaign commercials.

He also says the proposed ethics commission would serve the same purpose as the current Public Campaign Finance Committee, comparing it to the current committee “wearing an ethics costume.”

The governor also blasted proponents for alleged false advertising to portray bribery as legal in South Dakota.

“As much as some people say shame o .or suggest people should feel shame for repealing this unconstitutional measure, I say shame on the proponents for misleading the voters and implying gross impropriety for which they can’t identify not a single fact pattern. Not one,” said Gov. Daugaard.

He said the legislature sees its duty as repealing unconstitutional measures.

Supporters of Initiated Measure 22 like Senate Minority Leader, Senator Billie Sutton, said the decision was part of a “frustrating” week.

“In seven business days, we wiped out the vote of 180, 580 people in our state,” said Sen. Sutton.

Sutton said with the measure officially gone, the legislature’s feet are to the fire this session.

“It’s on all of us to work together to come out with maybe even a better product than what IM 22 was and we’re all accountable at this point to do that,” said Sutton.

Governor Daugaard he is open to looking at campaign finance and lobbying limitations.

He also hopes to create greater disclosure and transparency with campaign donations.

Several bills have been introduced that aim to address ethics concerns in state government.

They can be found in House Bill 1076, House Bill 1073, Senate Bill 53 and Senate Bill 54.

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