Former USF Player “Prepares” While Pursuing Dream

Cougar Football Alumni Crunches Tax Numbers While Off The Field

John Tidwell is a tax preparer at Ness Tax and Bookkeeping in Sioux Falls.

For University of Sioux Falls Cougar fans, however, they may recognize this tax preparer from a different line of work.

Tidwell played defensive back for the Cougars from 2011-2015.

“It’s kind of like living two different lifestyles, a little bit. On the field, I’m a lot different than I am in the tax world, of course. It’s a little mellower in the tax world,” said Tidwell.

Currently, he is preparing for the new tax season.

This quiet change of pace for Tidwell comes as a pause from a busy journey.

Last year, he played all four preseason games with the Denver Broncos.

He just missed the final cut onto their regular season roster.

As a back-up plan, Tidwell holds a double major in business administration and accounting with a minor in finance.

“I have my education first and then football is second to me,” said Tidwell.

While he prepares for his next jersey number, he spends time crunching numbers for others.

“Crunching numbers is probably easier than football for me. That’s a personal preference. I’m sure other people would have a different view on that,” said Tidwell.

While his passion for football is unwavering, he knows his playing days won’t last forever.

He said having his education background gives him the important fall back option.

“I’ve been able to have little bit of a taste of what football is like so I’m able to do that. I know that I have an education that will be able to back me up so I can come and do that if things happen in the football world like injuries. That always happens so I’m aware of that,” said Tidwell.

That doesn’t mean the tax world is more exciting for him.

“Ill be sitting in the work office, of course, and I’ll be thinking about football and I’m like, gosh, I miss it, I love it so I want to continue doing that. When I’m on the football field, I don’t think about taxes, I don’t at all,” said Tidwell, with a laugh.

Tidwell’s football career restarts on April 1st.

He will fly to Frankfurt, Germany to play for the Frankfurt Universe.

He said he’s excited for the opportunity because his grandparents will get to see him play there for the first time.

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