Delmont Steakhouse And Lounge Up For Grabs

The owner is giving away the business for the sake of the community

DELMONT, S.D. – It’s not uncommon for a business owner to decide to sell their shop, whether it be because of retirement or travel reasons, but it is uncommon for someone to give their business away.

That’s what one Delmont man is doing with his steakhouse, and it’s all for the good of his community.

For the past two years, the small town of Delmont has been picking up the pieces a devastating tornado left.

On May 10, 2015 a twister with winds reaching 130 MPH, wiped out 25 homes and damaged multiple structures.

Since then the community has rebuilt their fire station and is in the process of rebuilding their church.

But one Delmont business owner doesn’t want the restoration to stop there.

Leo Holzbauer bought the Delmont Steakhouse and Lounge in September of 2015.

“The previous owner, it was not running they were not open at the time and they were looking for a place to get rid of it,” says Holzbauer.

So instead of seeing the doors shut on the business for good, Holzbauer wanted to bring it back to life.

Because that’s something the community needs and could use.”

However, since Holzbauer is already in charge of the city’s maintenance, he doesn’t have time to run the restaurant himself.

So he’s looking for a new owner.

But his asking price is a little different than most.

“All they have to do is have a clean business place, good food and a friendly atmosphere,” explains Holzbauer.

If the owner follows those requirements as well as pays a monthly share of the annual cost of insurance, taxes and liquor license for a total of 5 years, then the place is theirs.

“I’ll just give them the whole situation no interest no payments, no nothing,” says Holzbauer.

The business owner says it’s not about the money, it’s about keeping the town thriving.

“These small towns are what made America,” he says. “Sure the big towns have their big things but they have their big problems also.”

He says the unique-ness of Delmont deserves to stand up after getting knocked down.

Holzbauer also purchased the Onion House, which is a uniquely constructed home in Delmont, and donated it to the city’s historical society.

In January the Onion House was awarded a restoration grant to rebuild it back to its original condition.

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