Portion Clip Creator Featured on QVC

It’s a chip-clip-measuring-spoon hybrid that helps you stay on track and eat the right serving sizes. The portion clip, designed right here in South Dakota, was recently featured on QVC, and it just might be a good addition to your kitchen.

The Portion Clip and Portion Paw for pets, created by Sioux Falls’ Aaron Maguire was a featured product on QVC. Maguire said the experience was a whirlwind! He said his product will be listed on QVC for a limited time here.

Maguire created the Portion Clip and Portion Paw after he noticed the same problems in his clients– he works as a nutritionist. He wanted to come up with something that would become a lifestyle that you wouldn’t have to think about or remind yourself to do each time you grab a snack. So, he created the Portion Clip that clips directly onto bags of food. It has three different measuring sizes built into a cup attached to the clip so you can get that perfect serving size each time. He also created the Portion Paw after he noticed his dog Bailey becoming overweight due to overeating.

You can find the Portion Clip and Portion Paw in stores around Sioux Falls or buy them online here.

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