Sioux Falls Church Hopes To Promote Unity Through Yard Signs

A Sioux Falls church is encouraging others to spread a message of unity. Through yard signs, the church’s pastor hopes that people of all backgrounds see that they’re welcome in our city. The pastor says it’s especially important now with how the divided the country has become.

It was nearly two weeks ago that President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily barring foreign nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. The ban, which has been blocked by a federal judge, set off a political and legal fire storm.

“All of that drama has created a lot of stress and fear, hurt with our Muslim neighbors,” said Rev. Jean Morrow.

Morrow of Spirit of Peace UCC says she’s proud that many residents in Sioux Falls work hard at welcoming diverse populations.

Morrow said, “We’re sort of one of those little gifts in the heart of the northern plains. I don’t think people know how diverse we are.”

Earlier this week, the church decided to give people an avenue to express that.

“We wanted to help people say that in their neighborhoods and by their homes, that ‘you’re welcome here’,” said Morrow.

Spirit of Peace now has a link on their website, where people can purchase yard signs that read ‘No matter where you are from, we’re glad you’re our neighbor.’ The text is translated into English, Spanish and Arabic.

Morrow said, “The message, unfortunately during the election season, post-inauguration, has continued to be of not being welcome.”

She says the signs fit perfectly with their churches motto, which is extravagant welcome and radical hospitality.

The church is selling the signs for cost on their website for $10. The site also gives people the option of donating to a Lutheran Social Services effort that helps refugees who are new to the area.

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