SF Driver Disappointed With Badlands Motor Speedway Short Schedule

BRANDON, S.D. – It was Chuck Brennan’s first business to go up for sale.

But now he’s announcing the gates at Badlands Motor Speedway won’t stay shut after all.

The track will host six races this summer.

Some of these are high-stakes events, like the World of Outlaws and the Folken Brothers Silver Shootout, with the chance to win thousands of dollars.

But some drivers are still feeling let down.

“It sucks,” says Sioux Falls sprint car driver Brant O’Banion. “We want to be out there every week.”

O’Banion has been racing at the speedway in Brandon for the past five years.

“I feel comfortable there,” he says. “I’ve raced there a lot so that’s my best track, and that’s my favorite track.”

He says he liked what Chuck Brennan did to the place when it became Badlands Motor Speedway last year.

“A lot of drivers came about and it was a really great environment.”

This is why O’Banion is disappointed that Brennan is not only selling the track, but announcing just six races this year.

“You want to race as close as you can to home, but as much as you can too,” says O’Banion.

“I can appreciate there’s some frustration there,” says Badlands Motor Speedway General Manager Tom Savage.

Savage says the track could host weekly races if another owner took it over, but is hasn’t sold yet.

He says he’d rather see six races than none this season.

“I honestly thought we would find a new buyer, and if we didn’t, I was hoping we could put something like this together,” says Savage.

The GM says the upcoming races could help speed up the selling process.

“The people that we have talked to really want to see it,” says Savage. “They want to see what it looks like when it’s really running, so a big part of why we’re doing that this year is to show the place off.”

O’Banion says he’d also like to see a new owner take over the dirt right away.

But in the meantime, he’ll be racing weekly at Park Jefferson Speedway near Sioux City, Iowa.

“I’m going there to support them because they worked hard to give us somewhere to race this year,” says O’Banion.

While it’s not what O’Banion is used to, he says all that matters is being able to get behind the wheel.

“We have to get our laps in to get better, so we’ll go where we have to.”

O’Banion says he does plan on racing in the World of Outlaws at Badlands Motor Speedway this year, and will participate in any of the other races as long as his schedule allows it.

Tom Savage says they’re expecting all six races to be packed with drivers and spectators.

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