Sportsmanship For The Win; Opposing Team Helps Player Score First Basket

SIOUX FALLS – Sportsmanship was on full display last night at Patrick Henry Middle School. In the boy’s basketball game last night against Memorial Middle School, a special moment was put together for seventh grader Nicholas Perez.

He was given the opportunity to score his first basket of the season thanks to the help of the opposing team. Patrick Henry Middle School Staff appreciated the kind gesture by players on both teams.

“Nick is just a normal seventh grader and I wanted him to feel like that when he goes out there and does stuff like that. So for them to be supportive like that in a basketball game where everyone’s looking to be competitive and stuff, it was really nice to see,” said Grant Dunbar a Patrick Henry Education Assistant.

Staff members say the idea to help Nicholas break his shooting slump was suggested by the Memorial Middle School team.


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