Volunteers Come To Lift Valentine’s Day Spirit

North Dakota Florists Come To Help Gustaf's Greenery During Co-Owner's Absence

Pat Gustaf, co-owner of Gustaf Greenery in Sioux Falls, is a staple in the florist community.

However, this Valentine’s day, he’s facing a tough fight.

Complications with Renal Cell Carcinoma are keeping Pat closer to home this holiday season.

Unfortunately, his sister and co-owner, Jean Gustaf, said it’s during the single biggest holiday for the industry.

“That’s your big day and you’re pushing and pushing and pushing and he’s sitting there thinking I’ve got to go, I got to go in, I’ve got to go help,” said Gustaf.

While he still comes in to work some days, Jean said his illness keeps his hours short.

“I just say when you come, you come. What you do, you do. I don’t care; do whatever you want to do,” said Gustaf.

While one of Gustaf Greenery’s biggest hands are down, three more pairs of hands have come to fill the role all the way from Minot, North Dakota.

Jeanie Meiers, Jean Quigley and Terry Voeller from Meiers Floral in Minot are in Sioux Falls to help through Valentine’s Day.

“He’s been a dear, dear friend. More like a dad,” said Meiers, the owner of Meiers Floral.

“It’s just important to help each other. Life is too short not being here for each other,” said Quigley.

“We’re paying forward the love. It’s a holiday to celebrate love,” said Voeller.

Meiers calls the trip a “no-brainer” after the help Pat has given her over their 14-year friendship.

“He was there to help me. He comes to our state associations and speaks and gives presentations and he is the biggest support in the industry,” said Meiers.

Voeller said she and Quigley chose to tag along, knowing how difficult the rush of Valentine’s Day can be.

“There’s a lot of people behind the scenes that take care of all those little things,” said Voeller.

Jean Gustaf said that although Pat isn’t able to be in as much as he would like, he still feels the love of those who came to help.

“He hates the fact that he can’t be here but he’s so grateful that they are here and that they volunteered to come and do whatever we need. They’re willing to clean buckets. I’m in heaven,” said Gustaf, with a laugh.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Pat Gustaf.

The link to that page can be found here.

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